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Ahimsa Eco Solutions

What initiative/project/organization would you like to share?

Ahimsa Eco Solutions

How is it helping advance the low carbon transition?

Our organization is currently focused on reducing the use of single-use plastics by providing sustainable low impact solutions (many products using repurposed materials diverted from landfill). The production of petroleum-based plastic (especially single-use-plastic) is highly resource intensive, so shifting towards this will help to lower environmental footprint.  We also offer environmental consulting, including moving towards lower carbon footprint/emissions and the adoption of low-carbon technologies and behaviours.

How can others get involved? What type of support are you looking for?

Choose reusables & stop using single-use products! Helping to share our messages and products (via social media/links/non-big box retailers), and empowering others through awareness AND offering actionable ways to help the environment. We are also always looking for great products (solutions) to single use plastic and other environmental issues. In addition, we offer environmental consulting services to help companies achieve their environmental objectives (renewable energy, energy/water conservation and efficiency, moving towards zero waste, process optimization, reducing their carbon footprint, improving customer and/or workplace health and safety through reduction of toxins in the manufacturing process, circular economy, etc.).