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What initiative/project/organization would you like to share?

Community Futures Tour 2019

How is it helping advance the low carbon transition?

The Community Futures Tour will build wider links between the climate and energy community and areas of Ontario that have been less supportive of – or have sometimes felt threatened by – the post-carbon transition. It will extend to or coordinate with tours in other regions of the country as resources permit.

We envision a series of four- to six-day visits to 15 to 25 communities over a six-month period, during which a team of trained animators and community developers will hold public events, meet privately with community opinion leaders, and reach out to those who have not generally been a part of the climate and energy conversation. In seeking meetings with local service clubs, community associations, chambers of commerce, and similar groups, we won’t try to persuade them to make climate and energy their priority – we’ll discover what priorities they’re already working on, then try to explore whether there’s potential in some aspect of the renewable energy transition that would support their vision for their community.

The project will emphasize listening and networking, storytelling, and local capacity-building, and will include a major focus on youth and Indigenous participation. We expect to launch the tour for Earth Day 2019.

How can others get involved? What type of support are you looking for?

We would like to be able to offer resources on our tour (for example places people can apply for funds if they have a project in mind). We need to fundraise to cover the costs of the tour as well as creation of materials for the tour. We need vehicles (preferable electric) and interesting examples or short videos. We need people who would like to be part of this project, especially those who excel at listening and dialogue and those who have resources and stories to share – perhaps about how such a transition has helped their community. We need advisors and resources of all kinds.