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County Sustainability Group

What initiative/project/organization would you like to share?

County Sustainability Group

How is it helping advance the low carbon transition?

Since 2006 our small group of volunteer citizens, concerned about the future or this world our descendants will be inheriting, have been a consistent voice here in Prince Edward County for local actions on global issues. Supporting the renewable energy transition, Green Energy and Economy Act, Green Homes Tours, selling rain barrels annually to support a local Student Environmental Bursary, bringing speakers in to The County to talk about important environmental topics, writing a regular column in a local paper about such topics, and participating with WaterRangers.ca in monitoring water quality across the province and country.

How can others get involved? What type of support are you looking for?

Moral support and encouragement is always welcomed as we are a small voice being drowned out here in this region where the demographics and media seem to be focussed on small mindedness and short term thinking at the expense of our kids and grandkids. Public support of the White Pines Wind farm here in Milford is crucial to see it commissioned to operate this fall rather than having their valid contract cancelled at great expense to taxpayers and terrible waste of carbon inputs to get it to this stage and clean energy it would be generating for the next 20+ years. Our CSG has no funding source apart from what our few members pitch in to keep our website online, as all our funds raised each spring goes to the student bursary. Our Water Rangers testing kit requires re-supply of test material a few times yearly, so this is a priority that we hope to be able to keep doing our testing of waterways.