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What initiative/project/organization would you like to share?

Enerva works with various partners to deliver turnkey energy conservation programs for our clients. We serve as program design experts, conduct outreach and promotion, review and facilitate applications, approve and execute incentive payments, and support reporting and program evaluation.

How is it helping advance the low carbon transition?

Energy conservation programs reward businesses and individuals to lower their energy consumption and invest in the future of their building, office or home by adopting a wide range of energy efficient and GHG emission reduction measures. Measures can range anywhere from retrofits of energy consuming equipment in buildings, co-generation, geothermal installation for natural heating and cooling, or as simple as retrofitting light systems with LEDs or adding insulation. Incentives from energy conservation programs can range from rebates to discounts, reimbursement of partial costs, training and education.

How can others get involved? What type of support are you looking for?

We encourage others to continue to learn about technologies that can improve the efficiency of their building, office or home. Attend property management expos and seminars on what’s new in green technology. Think beyond traditional approaches. For example, a solar-heated hot water tank can significantly cut natural gas costs. Plan ahead. Consider all aspects of efficiency during the construction phase, not after the fact. Lastly, apply for incentives through energy suppliers and get rewarded for investing in the future of your building, community, and family.