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Unify Toronto

What initiative/project/organization would you like to share?

Unify Toronto's mission is to be the interstitial fluid amongst the change agent cells in the Greater Toronto Area – synergizing the movement. Our initiatives have included "creating economies that work for everyone" "Indigenize or Die" and most recently "Project Drawdown: to reverse global warming by 2050".

How is it helping advance the low carbon transition?

The Drawdown www.drawdown.org is a science-based initiative that analyzed the peer reviewed literature of hundreds of existing carbon reduction strategies, in terms of carbon reduction, cost of implementation and money saved, to demonstrate that carbon reduction is not only feasible, but practical, cost-effective and effective. Furthermore, the strategies are initiatives we want regardless of carbon reduction leading to a more equitable, breathable, livable, enjoyable world. It changes the prevailing mood from despair to engagement.

How can others get involved? What type of support are you looking for?

There is a 13 month plan of engagement started in January 2018 of drawdown introductions, courses for deeper engagement and "sector summits" – sessions that present solutions related to food, transport, energy, and so on. Publicizing each other's events, and co-participation / collaboration would be great. www.unifytoronto.ca/events for details.